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Sleep Apnea Treatment: 2 Daily Habits Messing It Up

Have you given much thought beyond what you can expect from your physical sleep apnea treatment? Yes, wearing an oral appliance will re-position your jaw, so you have a better ability to breathe throughout the night. However, what if you can’t fall asleep easily, so you only get a couple hours or rest? Have you… Read more »

Sleep Apnea And Your Caffeine Obsession

Whether it’s an addiction, an obsession, or something you just happen to experience because of your deep love for caramel lattes, your intake of caffeine may affect your sleep apnea. As you might have imagined, it’s impacting it in a negative way (sorry for the let down!). The good news is that if you’re receiving… Read more »

3 Exciting Facts About Sleep Apnea Treatment

You may have a lot of knowledge regarding sleep apnea treatment. You know how an oral appliance helps shift your jaw to keep your airways open, you know why it’s so important for your sleep and your overall health to treat the problem. You know a lot! However, there may still be some room for… Read more »

Need A Same Day Appointment?

The wonderful news is that we offer same day appointments at our practice! Expecting some not-so-great news to follow? It’s not going to. As you learn about our emergency services, you will find that we go above and beyond to ensure you can receive the care you need as soon as you need it. To… Read more »

Springtime Suggestions: Sleep Apnea Treatment

As springtime finally shows its beautiful self, you might be having some second thoughts about the usually beautiful season. It’s great as far as spending time outdoors and soaking up the love that fills the air. However, it’s not necessarily so great when it comes to all things related to the pollen that fills the… Read more »

3 Times We’re Your Best Dental Group

Of course, we fancy ourselves the best dental group for your needs because we pride ourselves on the care we offer, the services, and the convenience you need! While we certainly don’t make a habit of boasting, we do want to ensure you feel fully informed regarding the options that you have when you choose… Read more »

The Real Deal: Sleep Apnea Treatment Q’s And A’s

You might have some misgivings about sleep apnea treatment even though you have already been diagnosed with the problem that can lead to fatigue and a host of serious health issues down the line. Of course, we suggest you schedule a visit to get started with treatment and to have your questions answered. For the… Read more »