Children’s Fillings

Your Corona, CA Children’s Dentist Repairs Little Smiles

If your child begins complaining of sensitive or aching teeth, then a cavity may be the culprit. Many adults assume baby teeth don’t require repair when cavities develop. After all, won’t they just fall out? At Dental Associates of Corona, our pediatric dentists understand that a filling is crucial for protecting little smiles from further decay, possible infection, or even premature tooth loss.

Does My Child Need a Filling?

When a baby tooth develops a cavity then the child may experience toothaches or tooth sensitivity to hot or cold foods/drinks. Without treatment, the decay will continue to spread, eventually leading to an infection. An infected tooth may require removal to protect surrounding teeth from infection. Without a filling in the early stages of decay, the premature loss of a tooth will affect how the permanent teeth erupt, causing misalignment and other oral health issues.

What Does Placing a Filling Involve?

After administering a local anesthetic, we will first remove any decayed portions of the tooth and then place a composite resin. The material is metal-free and will restore the tooth to full function and health. We cure the material with a light and polish the tooth for a lifelike appearance. The entire procedure can be completed in a single day.

Will My Child’s Tooth Look Natural?

Yes. Unlike metal fillings, composite fillings blend with the teeth. Only you, your Corona children’s dentist, and your little one will know a cavity has been placed.