Complete Care From Your Corona, CA Family Dentist

Enjoying healthy teeth and gums is possible by visiting our practice twice a year for checkups and dental cleanings. By maintaining good dental hygiene at home and scheduling regular visits, you safeguard both the health and beauty of your smile. At Dental Associates of Corona, we look forward to helping you maintain a healthy smile with a personalized treatment plan and an array of treatment options.


Maintaining healthy teeth requires preventive care. This includes brushing and flossing at home, as well as checkups and cleaings. You can enjoy long-term protection against problems like tooth decay by practicing consistent prevention.


Cosmetic treatments address the visual aspects of your smile that you dislike and would like to improve. We offer treatments like teeth whitening to combat discoloration, as well as other services to improve minor damage like small chips or problems with symmetry.


When concerns like tooth decay or physical trauma affect your teeth and gums, you will require restorative care. Your teeth cannot heal themselves, and because you need a healthy mouth to eat and speak, making repairs is essential to maintaining an excellent quality of life.


Orthodontics can help if you are unhappy with your smile’s alignment. By using an orthodontic system to shift your teeth into their proper alignment, you will enjoy teeth that fit together comfortably when you close your mouth, as well as a more esthetically pleasing smile. For more details, see your Corona orthodontist today.


If your gums or other oral tissues are infected or swollen, a periodontist can assist in relieving gum disease or other gum issues.


Although children lose their first set of teeth, their oral health matters from the initial tooth eruption all the way until they have their full set of adult teeth. Bring your child in for a checkup and cleaning to ensure their smiles are healthy and their teeth are erupting properly.

Oral Surgery

Routine oral maintenance may not be enough to keep your mouth at optimal health. In some cases, patients may need oral surgery to correct or remedy more serious dental health issues.

Emergency Care

When you find yourself in sudden discomfort or a problem arises with your mouth, contact us right away. We will schedule an emergency appointment to address your needs.