Teeth Whitening

Achieve a Dazzling Smile From Your Corona Cosmetic Dentist

Teeth WhiteningIf you feel disheartened with the look of your smile because of stains, cosmetic teeth whitening may offer an effective solution. Because your teeth are porous, staining may occur both on the surface and within deeper tissue layers. While over-the-counter (OTC) products may remove some surface stains, only professional teeth whitening can address serious discoloration.

About Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening relies on the use of peroxide-based bleaching gel to lift stains from your enamel – your outermost tissue layer – and from deeper tissue layers, called dentin. We offer bleaching gel because it can remove stains while protecting your teeth against damage and sensitivity. Once applied to your teeth, oxygen molecules within the bleaching gel will break down the stains in your teeth.

You may visit us in-office for a treatment lasting one to two hours, or you may select take-home bleaching trays, which will allow you to whiten on your own over the course of approximately two weeks.

Why Is Teeth Whitening Significant?

Improving the whiteness of your teeth is a simple process that can greatly improve your appearance. Feeling unhappy with your smile’s appearance can have a significant affect on your confidence. Patients often turn to OTC products but fail to achieve the whiter, uniform smile they desire. Benefits of professional systems include:

  • Protection against sensitivity
  • Will be carefully selected for you by your dentist
  • Improvement of both surface and deep stains offers a dramatically whiter smile
  • A boost in self-esteem
  • A smile that is several shades whiter

About Your Candidacy

Professional teeth whitening is effective on natural teeth but will not brighten artificial teeth, such as crowns or dental bridges. Your Corona dentist’s systems will effectively whiten and brighten most types of staining, including:

  • The side effects of medications, such as antibiotics
  • Staining agents, such as coffee, tea, and tobacco
  • The natural aging process