See Your Corona Orthodontist to Enjoy a Straighter, More Beautiful Smile

Braces (traditional, lingual)Metal braces offer patients dramatic orthodontic improvement. If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your smile, or if you suffer from severe malocclusion, we encourage you to speak with your orthodontist about how our braces may improve the way you feel about your appearance, oral health, and daily quality of life.

About Metal Braces

Your dentist will attach a bracket to each of your teeth. We will then connect the brackets with a wire. Relying on pressure, we will shift your teeth into place over time.

Why Metal?

We may suggest metal braces over clear braces for a variety of reasons. Your malocclusion may require the shifting of individual teeth that we cannot accomplish with aligner trays. Metal braces provide us with the ability to create detailed case planning according your specific misalignment concerns. This orthodontic treatment offers versatility and dramatic results, including improvement of minor jaw concerns.

About Your Candidacy

Your Corona family dentist will speak with you about which system best suits your orthodontic needs. Patients who feel concerned about keeping up with aligner trays may also appreciate conventional braces, which remain in place – this often presents a suitable solution for parents concerned that their child is too young for the responsibility of aligner trays.