Dental Bridges

Regain Your Smile’s Function

Dental BridgesPartial tooth loss – even one single tooth – can have a dramatic effect on one’s confidence and quality of life. Whether you are missing one tooth or up to three teeth in a row, we encourage you to speak with our team at Dental Associates of Corona about whether dental bridges will work for you. These beautiful prosthetics can effectively and efficiently complete your smile for a significant improvement in comfort, function, and beauty.

About Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a permanent, or fixed, prosthetic that we will cement into your mouth. A bridge requires support from your natural teeth and replaces one tooth, two teeth side-by-side, or three teeth in a row. On either end of the bridge lies a dental crown, from which the device gains its support. Between these crowns rest artificial teeth called pontics.

Your Corona dentist will place the crowns over your natural teeth that stand on either side of the opening in your mouth. These support teeth are called abutment teeth or anchor teeth. The pontics will then bridge the gap from one side of the opening to the other. We will create customized crowns and pontics according to the dimensions of your mouth and your bite. We will also match the shade of your replacement teeth to your surrounding smile.

The Advantages of a Dental Bridge

A dental bridge offers a wide array of advantages to patients who suffer from tooth loss, including:

  • A cost-effective immediate solution to missing teeth than dental implants
  • A secure, permanent alternative to a partial denture
  • By filling the open space in your mouth, you may preserve your current smile alignment by preventing your remaining teeth from shifting
  • Long-term wear, while providing patients with the renewed ability to chew successfully and speak with articulation

When Should You See Your Corona Family Dentist?

Bridges are only appropriate for individuals who fit the following requirements:

  • You are missing one tooth or up to three teeth side-by-side
  • You have healthy abutment teeth that can support the placement of a dental bridge
  • You desire a fixed prosthetic