Root Canal Therapy

Regain Your Oral Health

Root Canal TherapyBacteria may invade a weakened tooth through a variety of pathways, such as a cavity or fissure, leading to an infection. Once infected, you will require restorative care from your dentist at Dental Associates of Corona to clear the infection and set you back on track toward optimal oral health. While patients often feel hesitant about root canal therapy, this service offers a surprising host of benefits.

What Is A Root Canal?

Root canal therapy addresses a tooth infection and protects surrounding teeth and gums. Your dentist will begin by numbing your tooth and the surrounding area. Most patients consider root canal therapy is just as comfortable as a dental filling.

Your Corona dentist will create a small opening, which offers access to infected dental pulp, the tissue that houses vessels and nerves in your tooth’s roots. Your roots are the lowermost channels of your teeth. Your doctor will clear away the infection and decayed material before sealing the opening with a rubbery substance called gutta percha and filling your tooth with composite. To protect your tooth from future infection, while restoring stability, we may then cover your tooth with a beautiful dental crown. We may also prescribe antibiotics for you to take after your therapy to ensure the infection clears.

Why Does My Corona Family Dentist Recommend Root Canal Therapy?

A tooth infection poses great risk to the affected tooth as well as surrounding teeth and gums. A persisting infection will require professional treatment. By neglecting the problem, you may develop a painful abscess. If that abscess ruptures, you may experience a variety of negative health side effects, including the spread of infection to surrounding tissues. A root canal treatment will stop the problem in its tracks, ending discomfort and preventing the need for additional restorative treatment.