Gold Braces

More Esthetic Gold Braces

Even with more cosmetic orthodontic options, such as clear aligners, there are many cases of tooth misalignment that require the more direct correction provided by traditional brackets and wires. However, patients who need traditional braces can still enjoy a more esthetically pleasing option with the help of gold braces. Consisting of brackets and wires made of gold, rather than stainless steel, they offer comprehensive orthodontic correction in a more cosmetically pleasing way.

The Need for Braces

Tooth misalignment, or malocclusion, is different for everyone. For some patients, their misalignment may be too severe for aligners or other orthodontic options to address, making bracket-and-wire braces necessary. Ignoring the condition will only allow it to grow more severe, which could lead to a host of complicated dental health issues including tooth loss.

The Benefits of Gold Braces

In addition to correcting your misaligned teeth, gold braces also provide the benefit of improving confidence in your smile throughout the course of your treatment. Their esthetic appearance makes them seem more like an accessory than a necessity, so you can smile proudly without worrying about how your braces look.

Are They Right for You?

If you require orthodontic braces to restore your bite’s symmetry and balance, then ask us about the benefits of choosing gold brackets and wires. A comprehensive examination will help us determine if bracket-and-wire braces are right for you. We’ll consult closely with you to determine your smile goals and whether or not gold braces are the best option.