Gold Braces

Golden Brackets and Wires

Orthodontic treatment is essential for patients who experience tooth misalignment, but many patients prefer a more cosmetically attractive option than traditional brackets and wires. Rather than neglect orthodontic treatment and allow their malocclusion to grow worse, we may recommend brackets and wires made from gold. Though designed to operate just like traditional braces, gold brackets and wires add a more esthetically pleasing touch to your orthodontic treatment.

What Are Gold Braces?

Gold braces are created to function exactly like traditional orthodontic braces, with brackets and arch wires that gradually force crooked teeth back into position. The only difference is that they’re made from gold, rather than stainless steel, providing a higher-end cosmetic look that gives you more confidence when you smile. Unlike softer gold braces of the past, today’s gold brackets and wires are crafted to remain strong and durable for optimal safety and results.

What Are the Benefits?

The main benefit of choosing gold braces over traditional ones is the improved appearance of the brackets and wires compared to stainless steel. Because gold braces are more visibly appealing, more patients are likely to undergo necessary orthodontic treatment, which means they’re less likely to experience the complications related to tooth misalignment.

Who Qualifies for Gold Braces?

Because they function just like traditional orthodontic braces, most patients who qualify for orthodontic treatment can also qualify for gold braces. Our experts will perform a comprehensive examination, including a review of potential gold or other metal allergies, before recommending the most appropriate treatment option.