Invisalign Treatment Benefits

benefitsrainbowDoes your smile’s lack of uniformity cause you to feel dissatisfied with your overall appearance? Perhaps you have little spaces between your teeth that you find both esthetically displeasing and uncomfortable. Whatever the case, we find that patients (just like you) commonly avoid orthodontic treatment because they do not want to deal with the undesirable side effects that come with metal braces. Lucky for you, we offer Invisalign treatment, a system that relies on clear braces to align your smile. You will find that this system offers a wealth of exciting benefits.

Nearly Invisible Treatment

Invisalign treatment does not utilize the brackets and wires necessary for treatment with traditional braces. Instead, we will provide you with custom-crafted clear aligner trays. Made of thin, BPA-free plastic, the clear trays fit securely over your teeth for what becomes nearly invisible treatment. Individuals looking at your smile will typically fail to notice you’re wearing trays.

Comfortable Wear

About that smooth plastic used to create your trays – not only is it safe to wear day after day but it is also quite comfortable. Unlike traditional braces, the Invisalign treatment trays do not have any sharp edges or hard lines. You can expect little to no irritation as a result of wear.

Uninterrupted Eating and Hygiene

If you have friends or loved ones with conventional braces, you know that with that type of orthodontic care comes the need to overhaul your food choices and methods of dental hygiene. Fortunately, you will need to do no such thing with Invisalign treatment. Instead, you will simply remove your trays to eat or drink – or to brush and floss your teeth.


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