Children’s Space Maintainers

Helping Kids Achieve a Straighter Smile

We all want our children to enjoy a healthy, even smile. However, sometimes due to an accident or a dental health issue, baby teeth be lost prematurely. Losing a tooth early can change how the permanent teeth erupt. To prevent this, the team at Dental Associates of Moreno Valley may recommend a space maintainer to help kids avoid an uneven smile as they grow.

How Do Space Maintainers Work?

The space maintainer is made from plastic or steel and used to keep a gap open where a tooth once stood. Otherwise, the teeth may drift towards the empty gap and cause misalignment, improper eruption of permanent teeth, and other oral health concerns. We can provide removable or fixed devices, depending on your child’s needs. We use impression to create custom-made devices.

Proper Space Maintainer Care

Like a retainer, your space maintainer will require regular maintenance. Proper care of the device can help promote good oral health. We urge children to always brush their teeth in the morning and again before bed. Kids also need to floss before bed each night. Finally, try to avoid hard or stick foods as they can become stuck to the device or even damage it, causing the device to become loose.

Does My Child Need One?

Often, oral health concerns can cause a child to lose a tooth prematurely. Possible causes of tooth loss include injury, advanced tooth decay, or infection. If your child loses a tooth due to these issues and not as a result of naturally falling out, then you should bring him/her to the office.