Emergency Dentistry

Treat Sudden Discomfort

emerDental discomfort and sudden changes may cause you some frustration. However, when that dental issue is immediate and requires urgent care, you may feel concerned about where to turn. Fortunately, we offer emergency dentistry at our Dental Associates of Moreno Valley practice. When a sudden problem arises, we will do our best to schedule a visit and offer treatment as quickly as possible.

Emergency Dental Visits

Contact us right away if a dental emergency occurs. This typically includes sudden severe discomfort that cannot wait for a regularly schedule visit, a dislodged tooth, a broken tooth, or other forms of injury that require immediate care to protect the health of your mouth. We offer same-day and after-hours visits to accommodate your needs.

How To Respond to Your Emergency

For dental emergencies, remain calm and follow some basic guidelines to alleviate discomfort and to improve the success of your visit before you leave your home:

  • Place the pieces of a broken tooth in a sealed container that you bring with you to your visit
  • Hold an ice pack against areas of swelling or severe discomfort
  • Take over-the-counter analgesics to reduce swelling and discomfort according to the directions on the label
  • Place clean gauze over a bleeding area and apply pressure until you reach our office
  • Run lukewarm water over a dislodged tooth without disturbing tissue attached to the tooth, attempt to place the tooth back into its original resting spot in your mouth without using force – if this fails, keep the tooth safe by storing it in an airtight container filled with salt water or milk, which you will bring with you to the office