Permanent Retainers

Protecting Your New Smile

After you remove your braces your smile no longer requires treatment, right? In reality, it’s normal for teeth to sometimes shift after the orthodontics are removed. To combat this many dentists or orthodontists will provide a retainer. While removable retainers work, they can he a hassle to clean and wear each night. For a more convenient alternative, Dental Associates of Moreno Valley offer permanent retainers.

What are Permanent Retainers?

Typically, a patient who has had braces removed receives a removable retainer. The device is worn each night. In the morning, the retainer needs to be removed, soaked and/or cleaned, and worn again. Permanent alternatives are fixed in place and cannot be removed. For many people, this is a preferred alterative.

Why Do I Need Them?

Even after your orthodontics are removed, your teeth, gums, and jaws have not completely adapted to the chances in your smile. Without a retainer in place the teeth may shift, moving towards their pre-treatment positions. Soon, you have minor misalignment. People often forget, lose, or even damage their removable retainers. However, a permanent one won’t be lost or forgotten and will continue to make sure your hard earned results remain in place.

Does Everyone Who Had Braces Need Them?

Now, everyone who has worn braces will need retainers. However, this doesn’t mean a permanent one is the best choice for your smile. We can look at your teeth, treatment history, and other factors to decide if you need a permanent or removable one.