Checkups and Cleanings

Keep Smiles Healthy with an Exam and Cleaning

Checkups and CleaningsVisiting us at Dental Associates of Moreno for your twice-annual checkup and cleaning provides you with a safety net in the fight against tooth decay and other preventable dental problems. While you may assume home hygiene is enough to ensure you maintain a healthy smile free of cavities, gum disease, and discomfort, you are only partially right. Home care is an important factor in fostering good oral health, but you need to schedule visits to see your dentist, as well. By allowing us to address plaque and monitor your oral health over time, we can steer you away from disease and toward a consistently healthy smile.

Your Six Month Checkup

You will receive a dental cleaning and checkup when you visit us every six months. Your checkup will include a multi-part examination by your dentist. We may use an intraoral camera to take high-resolution images of your teeth and gums, so you can see what your dentist sees during the exam for improved doctor-patient communication. Next, we will utilize advanced dental technology for a closer inspection of your oral cavity with digital X-rays and an oral cancer screening.

Your Six Month Cleaning

We will thoroughly clean your teeth for you using a gentle approach once you have been seen for your dental checkup. For healthy teeth and gums, we will offer a traditional cleaning. This includes the removal of plaque from your tooth and polishing. For individuals suffering from gum disease, we may suggest a deep cleaning called scaling and root planing. We will clean away hardened plaque from deep beneath your gumline, while addressing any existing infection.

Keeping Up With Your Appointments

We offer this service to all of our patients, including children, who we encourage to visit us once every six months. When left untreated, oral disease and other disorders will continue to worsen. In some cases, we can catch concerns in their earliest stages, which permits us to offer effective treatment options before you require restorative treatments. In addition, thorough removal of plaque helps you avoid oral disease like tooth decay and gum disease.