Replace Missing Teeth

ExtractionsLosing your teeth may result in negative impacts on your health and confidence. You may find that you feel too embarrassed to smile in front of others. You may also have difficult chewing or speaking. Fortunately, at Dental Associates of Moreno Valley, we offer a variety of dentures to restore missing teeth. By completing your smile, you can regain the ability to eat, speak, and enjoy a lifelike smile.

Understanding Dentures

We offer both partial and complete custom-crafted dentures. Dentures are composed of pink acrylic to represent your gum tissue, as well as white porcelain artificial teeth to restore your smile and function. Partial dentures replace one to several teeth in a row or spread across an arch, while complete dentures replace a full arch of teeth.

Patients may choose traditionally supported dentures, which rely on natural suction to be held in place. Or, they may choose implant-retained dentures. These are crafted to fit securely over dental implant posts placed in your jawbone through a surgical procedure.

How Dentures Work for You

You will wear your dentures during the day and take them out to sleep at night. This removable prosthetic may work well for your teeth replacement needs by offering:

  • Dentures restore your ability to chew a wide variety of foods
  • By replacing missing teeth, you improve your ability to speak clearly
  • Complete dentures reverse the appearance of sinking-in lips by replacing the internal framework that support lower facial structure
  • You will feel confident sharing your complete, gorgeous smile with others

Qualifying for Dentures

Nearly every patient suffering from missing teeth will qualify for dentures. Your dentist will need to discuss your goals, and will examine your oral cavity to determine which prosthetic best suits your needs. For patients desiring implant-retained dentures, digital X-rays and other forms of advanced imagining may become necessary to determine the strength and density of your jawbone, which must be in excellent health for dental implant surgery. If your jawbone is unhealthy, we may suggest bone grafting, a process that includes restoring deteriorated bone tissue.