Root Canal Treatment

Rescue Your Tooth with Endodontic Treatment

Root CanalA tooth infection places the affected tooth as well as surrounding teeth and tissues at risk. By visiting our team at Dental Associates of Moreno Valley for root canal treatment, we can treat an infection. By removing the infection and damaged tissue we can improve your oral health.

What Is A Root Canal?

We suggest root canal therapy when your dental pulp is infected. The pulp is the tissue lining your root canal – the lowermost hollow canals of your teeth, which encase blood vessels and nerves. This type of infection will not clear on its own, which means restorative treatment is essential. A root canal treatment includes the removal of infected dental pulp, the sealing and filling of your tooth, and the placement of a dental crown.

The Significance of Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is like a final rescue option for your tooth. Because infections may or may not include discomfort, patients do not always recognize the seriousness of immediate treatment. Untreated infection may result in:

  • An uncomfortable abscess
  • An abscess that ruptures, which may threaten your overall physical wellbeing
  • Infection that spreads to neighboring healthy teeth and gums
  • The death and loss of your tooth