Tooth Extraction

DenturesTooth Extractions Improve Oral Health

An extraction allows our team to put an immediate end to a severe problem and protect surrounding teeth. In addition, it sets a healthy foundation for a natural-looking tooth replacement option and a truly healthy smile.

Reasons You May Require Removal

Your dentist makes conservative choices when suggesting restorative treatments, particularly an extraction. We may recommend this solution to address aviary of concerns. For example, an impacted wisdom tooth or a tooth growing in at an angle that may compromise the alignment of your smile warrants an extraction. Or, a severely infected tooth may require removal to protect surrounding teeth and gums.

What Is An Extraction?

An extraction is a tooth removal. Our on-staff oral surgeon will carefully remove your tooth by loosening it from your jawbone and extracting the tooth with special instruments. We will apply anesthesia to ensure the tooth in question and surrounding tissue is numb. After your treatment, you will require a recovery period that includes eating soft foods resting. We will also instruct you to avoid dislodging the clots that form in your open spaces, either by touching them or by making a sucking motion with your mouth. The clots allow your mouth to heal successfully.

Will You Replace My Tooth?

Once you have healed, you should make an excellent candidate for a tooth replacement. We offer a variety dental prosthetics, including dental bridges, partial dentures, and dental implant placement. Removing and replacing a problematic tooth will set you on track toward a complete, healthy smile.