Clear Braces

Enjoy Barely Visible Smile Correction

Orthodontic treatment can allow people the opportunity to enjoy an even and gorgeous smile. For severe cases of misalignment metal orthodontics are often the best choices for smile correction. However, adults and teens are often hesitant to wear metal orthodontics. As a result, the team at the Oasis Family Dental provides clear braces.

The Advantages of Clear Braces

This option combines esthetics with the smile correcting abilities of traditional metal orthodontics. As a result, patients can enjoy treatment with barely noticeable orthodontics. For teens and adults self-conscious about their appearance, this is often a preferable option to more traditional orthodontic care.

How Does the Treatment Work?

Instead of metal brackets, we will place a ceramic alternative. They can be shaded to blend with your tooth enamel. We then connect them with a clear arch wire instead of a typical metal one. The treatment can address many forms of misalignment, just as traditional orthodontics do, but will be more esthetically pleasing.

Do I Qualify?

To see if this is the best option for improving your alignment we will need to carefully exam your teeth and jaws, employing technology such as digital x-rays in the process. We will also be happy to answer any questions about our clear braces or any of our other orthodontic treatment options. Please don’t hesitate to contact our office staff today and schedule a consultation.