Permanent Retainers

Improve the Alignment of Your Smile

You’ve completed your orthodontic treatment. After all the adjustments and time spent wearing your braces you finally have the smile you’ve wanted. How do you maintain your new smile? What steps can you take to prevent further alignment troubles? At Oasis Family Dental, we can help your smile remain even and beautiful with a set of permanent retainers.

Why Do We Need Permanent Retainers?

Even after your braces are removed, your jaw, gums, and teeth haven’t completed adapted to the new positioning. As a result, teeth can often shift after treatment. Patients are often prescribed removable retainers, worn at night to keep teeth in optimal positions. However, they are often forgotten or neglected and patients can see their hard-earned smile gradually regress. Permanent retainers are non-removable to ensure your smile remains attractive as the day your braces were removed.

What are the Benefits?

The permanent retainers are attached to the back of your teeth. You don’t remove them; instead you just follow the care instructions and food restrictions while the retainer prevents your teeth from shifting.

Does Everyone with Braces Need Retainers?

Everyone who wears braces requires a retainer. However, a permanent retainer may not be the best choice for everyone. We will discuss your options prior to your braces being removed. At this stage we can decide whether you need permanent retainers or the removable alternatives. If you have questions or would like more information on our orthodontic care, then contact our office today.