Root Canals

Treatment to Save Your Tooth

Bacteria may invade your teeth through deep cavities, small cracks, or damaged areas. When an infection develops, the long-term health of the affected tooth and your surrounding teeth and gums becomes compromised. Because your body will not naturally clear a tooth infection, the problem will only become worse without treatment. By visiting us at Oasis Family Dental for root canal treatment, you may clear the existing infection.

Why Do I Need Root Canal Treatment?

Your root canals are the lowermost hollow chambers in your teeth, filled with pulp tissue comprised of nerves and blood vessels. This portion of your tooth is considered the nerve center, providing the essential nutrients that keep your tooth alive and healthy. When the pulp becomes infected, your tooth becomes at risk of abscess or death. The infection may also spread to surrounding tissues, threatening your entire oral system. A root canal treatment clears out the infected pulps within your tooth, while restoring your tooth’s structure.

What To Expect From Root Canal Treatment

Your dentist will address your infection by first visually examining your mouth and utilizing advanced imaging technology, such as digital X-rays. This will provide your dentist with a detailed look at your tooth for accurate case planning. We will numb your tooth and surrounding tissue before the procedure. Your dentist will then create a small opening in your tooth through which the infected pulp will be removed.

We will then restore your tooth by sealing it with a rubber-like substance called gutta percha, followed by a dental filling and a beautiful dental crown. The crown will provide you with complete function and beauty, while preventing future infections.

Why Is A Root Canal Significant?

By avoiding root canal treatment, you may experience the discomfort associated with an abscess. You may also require additional restorative care if the infection spreads or a tooth extraction if the infection becomes too problematic for treatment.

Am I A Good Candidate For Root Canal Therapy?

You will make an excellent candidate for root canal treatment if your dentist finds that your dental pulp is infected. We may suggest you take a course of antibiotics to ensure an existing infection clears.