Cosmetic Dentistry

Obtain Beautiful Smiles

Cosmetic DentistryPatients suffering from esthetic concerns with their smiles can make minor alterations or achieve dramatic transformations with cosmetic dentistry. Treatments may assist in lifting discoloration for a whiter smile, addressing minor damage that you cannot fix on your own, restoring lost tooth tissue, or improving uniformity.

Re-Sculpting Your Teeth

Esthetic imperfections may occur that don’t require restorative treatment. Or, your teeth may develop with a size, length, shape, or contour that you find displeasing. To address issues like chips, cracks, or spaces, we offer dental bonding to build up areas requiring additional tissue. If your problem requires the minor removal of tissue – for instance, jagged, pointed teeth or a tooth that appears longer that the rest – dental contouring fits the bill.

Your Smile Makeover

You may discover that individual cosmetic treatments will not address your concerns. For patients seeking a single treatment that will transform their smiles, we offer porcelain veneers. Crafted out of super-thin layers of ceramic, these shells create a façade over your teeth that masks chips, cracks, and discoloration. Completely customizable, veneers may also reflect your desired smile shade, tooth size, tooth length, tooth shape, and may fill spaces between teeth for a stunning finished product.