Improve Smile Alignment

OrthodonticsYour occlusion – or the way your teeth and jaws fit together – may have a strong impact not only on your smile’s appearance but also on your oral health. Choosing orthodontics to realign your teeth if you suffer from a malocclusion can dramatically change your life. Patients who hesitate to choose orthodontic care because they consider the change strictly cosmetic will find additional, long-term oral health benefits. If your teeth are crooked, overlapping, spaced, or if you suffer from other types of misalignment, schedule a visit with us today at Dental Associates of Riverside.

Orthodontics and Benefits

Orthodontics is a field of dentistry that focuses on aligning your teeth and your jaws. Achieving proper alignment may provide the following benefits:

  • A more beautiful, uniform smile
  • Prevention or treatment of TMJ or bruxism issues, which often occur as the result of misaligned teeth
  • Less challenging, more effective dental hygiene – spaced teeth may collect debris, while overcrowded teeth are often difficult to thoroughly clean
  • A reduced chance of accidental cosmetic or serious damage, which may occur when teeth tap together or rub against one another

Orthodontic Treatments

Every smile is unique, as are your personal preferences and needs. We offer a variety of options, including:

  • Traditional Braces: This system addresses most types of misalignment, including severe cases, because it relies on the use of brackets and wires. We will strategically shift your entire smile into alignment over the course of your treatment.
  • Invisalign: Unlike metal braces, this orthodontic system relies on the use of clear plastic aligner trays. You will move from one (or a set) of custom-fitted trays to the next, shifting your teeth with treatment that is nearly undetectable. Invisalign is removable, so you may eat and care for your teeth as usual. Trays align the following concerns: Spacing, overcrowding, under bite, over bite, cross bite, and open bite.
  • Lingual Braces: Similar to traditional braces, lingual braces rely on brackets and wires. However, this special system places the equipment on the backs of your teeth for hidden treatment.