Checkups and Cleanings

Checkups and CleaningsImprove Your Oral Health

While you may go above and beyond to brush and floss, it takes more than your home hygiene efforts to maintain optimal oral health. Plaque adheres to your teeth regardless of how well you maintain your smile. Fortunately, with preventive dental cleanings, we can assist you in removing the plaque. Your muscles and jaws, as well, may require additional attention before you recognize a problem. Stress and strain may lead to muscle discomfort and jaw joints concerns. However, with a dental checkup, we can quickly identify the issue and offer effective treatment.

Your Dental Cleaning

Every six months during your dental cleaning, we will remove the plaque that you cannot clear away on your own. Though brushing twice a day with a soft-bristle toothbrush and flossing once a day will help you maintain a healthy smile between visits, our professional techniques are necessary for complete plaque removal. This is significant because plaque is filled with bacteria that release acids. Over time, the acids wear away your tooth enamel, which results in a cavity. Plaque may also irritate your gum tissue, leading to inflammation and infection known as gum disease. Visiting us for plaque removal and a tooth polishing will send you home with clean teeth and gums, setting the stage for effective dental hygiene.

About Dental Checkups

Detecting changes in your mouth as soon as they arise – or before they have the chance to flourish – safeguards your oral health. Most oral diseases and disorders are progressive, which means they will continue to worsen over time. In some cases, such as TMJ disorder or gingivitis, we may treat and reverse the problem. However, when an oral concern is neglected, you may require restorative care once damage occurs. To prevent damage and discomfort, we offer dental checkups. Your visit will include a careful visual examination with the use of X-rays, as well as an oral cancer screening. The sooner we detect an abnormality, the greater the treatment success rate.