Children’s Dentistry

Safeguard Your Child’s Smile

Children's DentistryProtecting your child’s oral health requires consistent care. You will need to help your child adopt effective home hygiene practices. Scheduling twice-annual checkups and cleanings for your little one is also an essential factor in protecting developing teeth from cavities, gum disease, and to ensure they erupt successfully. Treatments like sealants provide additional protection while your child develops the skills necessary to reach every tooth surface. Begin scheduling children’s dentistry visits by the time your child’s first birthday or first tooth arrives.

Children’s Dental Care

We take a calm, welcoming to your child’s first visit. The dental practice environment is full of new sights, smells, and sounds, which can feel a bit unsettling at first. By ensuring your little one has time to adjust, we set the stage for a positive outlook on dental care that can last a lifetime.

When we are certain your child feels comfortable, we will provide an examination and cleaning. Through gentle techniques, we will remove plaque to protect your son or daughter’s teeth and gums as they grow. We will also provide demonstrations, while offering suggestions for best care practices at home.

Additional Preventive Treatments

As an adult, you have the skills and knowledge and years of practice necessary to reach every tooth in your smile. You also understand the way your mouth functions and that cavities sometimes occur. However, your little one is just learning. We offer treatments that will assist you in the fight against tooth decay, which will provide a safety net for your child – the extra protection will allow your child to enjoy cavity-free teeth while strengthening his or her brushing and flossing skills. Our preventive treatments include:

  • Dental Sealants: Sealants act as a barrier, covering the chewing surfaces of back teeth. Molars are filled with fissures and tiny grooves in which bacteria and food particles become stuck. Keeping plaque off of these teeth altogether greatly improves your child’s ability to avoid problems with hard-to-reach teeth. Made of a clear plastic coating, sealants require a quick, comfortable application and may last for five to 10 years.
  • Fluoride Treatment: Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral often found in toothpastes and drinking water because of its ability to mineralize your teeth. It protects teeth by strengthening them and “re-mineralizing” areas that have begun to soften as a result of plaque. Fluoride treatment offers additional prevention against tooth decay.