Bonding and Contouring

Sculpt Problems Away

The shape, length, uniformity and texture of your individual teeth may contribute to a smile that looks consistent and complementary – or a smile that looks uneven and that does not harmonize with your other features. Minor isolated concerns such as a single chip or minor crack to more widespread issues like uneven teeth may cause you to dislike your smile. Fortunately, we offer bonding and contouring to address shape, size, length, and contour issues that may disrupt an otherwise lovely smile.

About Bonding

Dental bonding provides patients with the ability to build up their teeth. This means we can add to your tooth for improvements, such as:

  • Lengthening of too-short teeth
  • Improvement of a chip
  • Coverage of a minor crack
  • Camouflaging of serious stains
  • The filling in of a gap between teeth

We will complete your bonding treatment by adding layers of a synthetic acrylic-resin material called composite to your tooth. We will then shape the color-matched composite and set it. Finishing with a tooth polishing, the finished result will blend beautifully with your surrounding smile.

About Contouring

Dental contouring improves individual teeth by removing a small amount of the outermost layer of your tooth tissue, called enamel. We may gently buff away small portions of tissue without harming the health of your teeth to accomplish:

  • Reduction of an overly long tooth
  • Smoothing of problem areas like sharp points or jagged tooth borders
  • Improvement of surface texture problems
  • We may gently reduce the tissue of a tooth that overlaps another for a more uniform smile