Protecting Your Smile from Periodontal Disease

The stats on gum disease are alarming. According to the Centers for Disease Control, half of adults over 30 in the United States suffer from the presence of periodontal disease. Few people are aware that the disease can often be prevented with the right care. Even fewer realize that addressing the issue in the early stages is the best chance of reversing or managing the disease. At Riverside Dental Group – Magnolia, our office provides the periodontic treatment needed to protect your smile.

What Causes Gum Disease?

Periodontal disease often develops as a result of inflammation in the gingival tissue. The inflammation causes the gums to pull away from the teeth, leading to pockets at the gum line. Once bacteria enter the pockets patients can develop the symptoms of gum disease. Our gums can become inflamed as a result of a myriad of factors, including poor oral hygiene, medication, illness, genetic factors, and smoking. Understanding the cause of your gum issues is the first step in choosing the most appropriate treatment option.

What are the Symptoms?

In the early stages you may notice bleeding when you brush or floss. In addition, your gums may appear red or feel sore. As the disease progresses chronic bad breath, receding gums, and even loose teeth can develop. The advanced stage, known as periodontitis, can actually lead to adult tooth loss. We urge you not to ignore any of these symptoms and to see a dentist as soon as possible for a diagnosis.

Do I Need Periodontal Therapy?

As a preventive measure, we recommend all patients have their teeth thoroughly cleaned once every six months. The cleaning removes plaque from the surface of the teeth, reducing the risk of inflammation. For patients with the early stages of the disease, we can recommend periodontal therapy. A deep cleaning will be performed to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth and the surface of the exposed roots. Doing so allows healthy gum tissue to adhere to the teeth and reduces symptoms.