Preventive Dentistry

Safeguard Your Smile

Maintaining the health of your oral system is easy to accomplish with the assistance of preventive dentistry. Rather than waiting for problems to develop, we offer treatments and suggestions for best home care practices to keep your mouth plaque-free and inhibit problems like tooth decay and gum disease. Your supportive structures, including your jaw joints and surrounding muscles, also require attention. Detecting bruxism and TMJ problems can allow us to quickly provide relief from uncomfortable symptoms, while protecting you from long-term damage. Contact us today to begin scheduling.

Clean Mouth, Healthy Mouth

Your home efforts are important to your oral health but you cannot remove all of the plaque with brushing and flossing alone. Only our professional tools and techniques will thoroughly remove plaque, assisting you in the fight against cavity formation and periodontal disease. In addition to cleaning your smile, we monitor your oral health during each visit with a comprehensive examination. From taking a visual check to using advanced imaging technology, we take a close look at your smile and surrounding tissues to ensure all is well. The sooner we detect abnormalities, the greater your chance for a full recovery.

Jaw Relief

Patients often suffer from problems that place extra stress on their jaw joints (TMJs – or, temporomandibular joints). You use these joints to move your jaw, permitting you to chew, laugh, speak, and more. When the joints become faulty, you may suffer from severe discomfort and functional difficulties. In some cases, the problem stems from bruxism (teeth grinding), which may wear down the surfaces of your teeth and cause tooth sensitivity. To alleviate one or both of these disorders, we offer oral appliance therapy. We will furnish you with a custom-fitted oral splint that you will wear nightly, either to cushion your bite or to shift your jaw to relieve TMJ stress.

Care For Your Child

Your child requires the same level of care that you do for a smile that remains healthy and beautiful. However, because the dental environment is new for your child, we offer gentle, compassionate care to ensure your little one feels completely comfortable. By setting good habits early in your child’s life, we can help establish a positive outlook toward dental care.