Checkups and Cleanings

Maintain Healthy Smiles

Your oral system is composed of a complex framework, including your smile (teeth and gums) and supportive tissues and structures. These may include your jaw joints, muscles, and connective tissues. By keeping your teeth and gums free of plaque and detecting problems early, we can safeguard your oral system as a whole. To maintain optimal oral health, schedule visits with us once every six months.

Dental Cleanings

Your dental cleaning is one part of your two-part preventive visit. To begin, one of our friendly, experienced hygienists will use gentle techniques to remove all of the plaque from your teeth and beneath your gumline. We will then complete the cleaning with the use of a polishing instrument, removing final bits of plaque, while leaving you with a glowing, refreshed smile. Visiting us twice a year will greatly improve your ability to avoid tooth decay and gum disease.

For patients suffering from gum disease, we may suggest a deep cleaning instead, also called scaling and root planing. We will clean deep beneath your gumline to remove plaque and tartar that has inflamed and potentially infected your gums.

Dental Checkups

The other part of your preventive visits, dental checkups, permit us to regularly monitor your oral health to identify changes as they occur, rather than once they have had the chance to flourish. An oral cancer screening will be incorporated to each of your checkups for this reason. By detecting problems like oral cancer early in development, we can offer immediate treatment with an increased success rate. We will also check for treatable disorders, such as bruxism, TMJ disorder, and sleep apnea, all of which we may address with oral appliance therapy.

To examine your mouth, we will perform a visual examination and use advanced imaging. Intraoral cameras will provide us with a high-resolution image of your mouth’s interior for improved doctor-patient communication. Our digital X-rays will allow us to take a detailed look at your oral structures for a comprehensive understanding of your oral health.