Restorative Dentistry

Repair Serious Concerns

Enjoying a healthy smile requires routine dental maintenance. By taking excellent care of your teeth and visiting us once every six months for preventive visits, you can often avoid the need for restorative care. When problems occur, however, acting immediately to repair your tooth or to treat disease is essential. Your oral tissues cannot repair themselves and problems like tooth decay and gum diseases are progressive. By providing treatment, we restore your health while protecting you from complications.

Addressing Damage

Damage to your tooth may occur as the result of a trauma, tooth decay, or gum disease. To repair a cavity, we offer tooth fillings to remove the decay and repair the structure of your tooth. Dental crowns, inlays, and onlays also offer suitable improvement to teeth suffering from more severe damage or breakage. You may also suffer from infection when bacteria make their way into a small opening in your tooth or through a cavity. To clear the infection and rescue your oral health, root canal treatment offers an effective solution.

Removing The Problem’s Source

When your tooth is severely broken or infected or when other restorative treatments, such as root canals fail, we may suggest an extraction. By removing your tooth – the source of your problem – we can quickly guide you back to comfort and improved oral health. From there, we can assist you in planning a tooth replacement to restore your function and the appearance of your smile.

Treating Tooth Loss

Replacing your teeth will improve your appearance, while protecting your oral health. Open spaces in your mouth may lead to difficulty with brushing and flossing, trapped debris, and future misalignment. We offer dental bridges for one tooth or up to three missing teeth, as well as partial dentures for more severe tooth loss. Patients dealing with complete tooth loss may rely on complete dentures to rejuvenate their smiles and function. Or, you may speak with us about how dental implants may replace individual teeth or support a prosthetic replacing several teeth at once.