Crowns, Inlays, and Onlays

Protect Teeth with Restorations

Your teeth are composed of several layers of tissue, offering durability and strength. However, when tooth decay or trauma damages the tooth, you may need a restoration. Call us right away at Riverside Dental Group to schedule an appointment if you are suffering from damage, so we can evaluate your tooth and determine which restoration is best suited to your needs.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are hollow artificial teeth that we will place over your natural tooth. Crafted out of a variety of materials according to the needs of your tooth, the crown offers protection, coverage, and exceptional support. It may also improve the balance of your bite if your tooth is significantly damaged, as well at the esthetic quality of your smile. We offer metal and PFM (porcelain fused-to-metal) for back teeth and those that require serious support. Porcelain crowns offer an esthetically pleasing, natural appearance for front teeth that do not bear a heavy load. Zirconia offers the natural beauty of porcelain with added strength for teeth that withstand greater pressure.

Dental Crown Benefits

We may suggest a dental crown in many situations, including severe tooth decay or immediately after a root canal treatment to protect your tooth. Crowns offer the following benefits:

  • Coverage of a tooth to prevent breakage
  • Coverage and protection for a tooth that is too broken or weak to remain in place on its own but that does not require an extraction
  • Protection and restored structure and function to your tooth, particularly after a large cavity
  • Protection against subsequent infection after a root canal

When An Inlay Or Onlay Is Required

Dental crowns offer full coverage of your tooth but sometimes you do not need that much protection. We suggest an inlay or onlay when this is the case and a dental filling is inadequate to repair your tooth. Like pre-made puzzle pieces designed to fit perfectly between your cusps, the inlay replaces lost tissue. Or, we place an onlay that will restore tissue on the side of your tooth and cusps.