Dental Bridges

Complete Your Smile

Patients suffering from tooth loss may find their quality of life declines. In addition to feeling disappointed with the appearance of your smile, chewing and speaking may become challenging. Fortunately, we offer beautiful dental bridges for patients seeking a fixed solution to restoring their smiles. Schedule an appointment with us today at Riverside Dental Group, so we may assist you in choosing a prosthetic best suited to your needs.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges look like a series of connected artificial teeth that replace one tooth or up to three teeth in a row. Artificial teeth called pontics will fill the open space while the dental crowns that rest on either end of the prosthetic will offer support. During placement, we will cement the crowns over your natural “anchor” teeth situated on either side of your smile opening. By color-matching the crowns and pontics to your remaining natural teeth, you will achieve a beautiful complete, uniform smile.

Bridge Benefits

While a main benefit of choosing a dental bridge is the improved beauty of your smile and a boost in confidence, additional benefits include:

  • An improved ability to chew your food
  • Regained ability to speak clearly
  • Filling the space in your mouth prevents surround teeth from shifting, which can result in misalignment


You may qualify as a candidate for a dental bridge if you are missing up to three teeth side-by-side. However, bridges cannot replace severe tooth loss or teeth spread out from one another.