Restoring Your Tooth’s Health with Endodontic Treatment

Your tooth is a living structure that houses dental pulp within its body and roots – or the lowermost canals of your teeth. Within this interior structure are blood vessels and nerves that keep your tooth alive and well. When the pulp becomes damaged as the result of infection or other physical trauma, we must remove it to save your tooth from an extraction, while restoring the function and comfort of your tooth.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a multi-step procedure aimed at removing the source of your pain and infection, while saving the tooth from a potential need for removal. We will begin by numbing the target area, including your tooth and neighboring tissues. Your dentist will then carefully create a small entry point in your tooth to gain access to your pulp. After thoroughly removing the dental pulp and sealing your tooth with a substance called gutta percha, you will receive a filling. In most cases, root canal treatment is completed with the placement of a dental crown.

Root Canal Treatment Benefits

Acting with urgency regarding an infected tooth or severe decay is essential in protecting both your tooth and surrounding teeth and gums. The infection can easily spread to surrounding healthy teeth and gums. The infection will only continue to progress and may develop into a painful abscess. Or, a weak tooth may shatter beyond the capacity for restorative care. By allowing us to provide you with a root canal, you can expect:

  • We may save your tooth, so you do not need to go through with an extraction and expensive tooth replacement
  • We may protect you from the need for additional restorative care
  • Root canal treatment clears the infection and returns your tooth to its ability to function
  • Root canal treatments are as comfortable as a dental filling