Address Minor Imperfections

Even very small imperfections can hurt the appearance of your smile. Problems like minor chips that do not threaten the health or stability of your teeth may qualify for a simple, comfortable cosmetic treatment called dental bonding.

What Is Bonding?

Bonding is appropriate if your tooth has incurred damage and is missing tissue, or if you simply require the appearance of additional tissue to improve your smile’s esthetic value. Your dentist will use composite to re-sculpt areas of dissatisfaction. Composite is a moldable material made of synthetic resin that we will color match to your surrounding tooth for a seamless finish. Bonding may address:

  • A tooth that appears too short
  • A space between two teeth
  • Minor cracks or chips

Why Choose Bonding?

Bonding provides patients with a cost-effective, efficient cosmetic solution. It often allows patients to avoid more complex and costly procedures. You may avoid orthodontic treatment like braces for minor spacing between teeth. Or, rather than choosing a veneer to camouflage a crack or chip – or both – you may select bonding. We will complete the treatment within a single, comfortable office visit, and usually, the treatment will not require anesthetic.

Am I A Good Candidate?

Bonding is appropriate for natural teeth that are healthy and do not require restorative treatment. If you suffer from severe spacing or misalignment, or if your tooth’s damage affects your oral health and the life of the affected tooth, we may recommend other solutions.