Preventive Dentistry

Promote Long-Term Dental Health

Preventive care can safeguard your smile against oral disease like tooth decay and gum disease. When left undetected and untreated, these diseases may lead to the loss of your natural teeth, loss of jaw strength, a receding gumline, and a damaged smile. We may also implement preventive treatments when we detect a problem in its earliest stages, such as TMJ disorder or teeth grinding, thereby preventing long-term damage.

Dental Checkups and Dental Cleanings

We recommend that our patients schedule a visit twice annually for a dental checkup and cleaning. This preventive treatment first gives our dentist the opportunity to visually examine your mouth to search for abnormalities. We will take a closer look at your oral cavity’s inner workings with the use of advanced technologies, including digital X-rays.

After your completed checkup, our talented dental hygienist will remove dental plaque from beneath your gumline and from the surfaces of your teeth. She will complete the process by polishing them to ensure your teeth are free of plaque, the most common cause of problems like gingivitis and cavities.

Improving Your Bite

The way your top and bottom teeth fit together has a significant impact on your oral health. Know as your “occlusion” or “alignment,” properly aligned teeth and jaws improve jaw function and a decrease the likelihood of teeth grinding. If you suffer from a problem with your TMJs (jaw joints) or bruxism (a habitual grinding or clenching of your teeth), preventive therapy with oral appliances often improves your comfort, while preventing long-term damage. You will wear a customized oral device while you sleep to place a buffer between your top and bottom teeth, while offering stress relief to your jaw joints.