Dental Checkups and Cleanings

Promote Optimal Oral Health

Your six-month preventive visit improves your ability to avoid oral disease and the need for restorative treatments. Patients often assume daily brushing and flossing habits are sufficient in preventing dental issues. However, a professional cleaning is necessary to avoid gum disease and tooth decay. By visiting us twice a year for a dental checkup and cleaning, you give us the ability to monitor your health over time, while detecting and treating concerns before they begin.

About Your Dental Checkup

Your dental checkup will include a two-part process to ensure we take a close look at the surface of your oral tissues, as well as what is happening at a deeper level. You can expect:

  • A Visual Exam: Your dentist will physically look at your teeth and gums, and may ask you a series of questions regarding your oral health.
  • Advanced Imaging: We will take digital X-rays of your oral cavity, which requires a quick and comfortable process with nearly immediate results. We may also take images of the interior of your mouth with an intraoral camera for high-resolution visuals of what the dentist sees during the exam.

By gaining a detailed understanding of your oral cavity, we can easily detect problems in their infancy. Your checkup will also include an oral cancer screening, which helps us discover changes in the lining of your mouth when they remain invisible to the naked eye.

About Your Dental Cleaning

Plaque is a sticky, bacteria-laden substance eats away at your tooth’s tissue, leading to cavities. In addition, plaque causes gum inflammation, which leads to gingivitis and periodontal disease. The only way to thoroughly and safely remove plaque is with a professional dental cleaning. However, your daily home hygiene still plays a significant role in reducing plaque. The hygienist will remove plaque with special instruments before polishing your smile to ensure your teeth are completely clean. We encourage patients to schedule a visit twice a year.

For patients who have developed the beginning stages of gum disease called gingivitis, we may suggest scaling and root planing. This treatment is a type of deep cleaning that more thoroughly removes the plaque that has moved beneath your gumline and hardened in place. We will also smooth the surface of your teeth to decrease potential places for bacteria to cling. For more severe gum disease, we may refer you to a periodontal specialist.