Restorative Dentistry

Improve Teeth with Restoration

When portions of your oral cavity become damaged, they cannot regenerate their own tissue. Whether you suffer from a broken tooth or an infection, you will require restorative care to make your smile – and your health – whole again.

Restorative dentistry includes treatments that return your mouth to its original state of health and physical structure. This may include replacing missing tooth tissue, clearing an infection, or removing and replacing a dying tooth. Because dental disease and damage will only continue to worsen over time, we strongly encourage patients to visit us for restorative care.

Addressing Physical Damage and Tooth Decay

Some forms of tissue loss are simple, such as tooth decay. When you experience a cavity, a composite filling will remove decayed tissue. Your dentist will fill the opening in your tooth to restore its structure. For more severe damage we may suggest inlays or onlays. Or, to cover and protect a tooth healthy enough to avoid an extraction but in need of substantial support, you may receive a dental crown.

Clearing Existing Infection

Tooth infections may cause severe discomfort and place the health of your entire mouth at risk of decline. By offering root canal treatment, we address the source of your discomfort. We will remove infected pulp, seal and fill your tooth, and then cover and protect the integrity of your tooth with a dental crown. You will enjoy restored function, comfort, and beauty.

Remove The Problem, Restore Your Smile

A tooth extraction is sometimes your best solution for improved oral health. In the case of a wisdom tooth or a tooth too problematic for any other type of treatment, we may suggest tooth removal. Removing an infected tooth or one that threatens surrounding teeth – such as a wisdom tooth growing in at an angle – protects your overall dental health. After removal, we will provide you with a variety of tooth replacement solutions to ensure your smile looks as healthy as it feels.

Complete Your Smile

Tooth loss can cause you to feel disappointed in your appearance. In addition, missing teeth can disrupt your daily life by making eating and speaking difficult. We offer dental bridges for patients missing only one tooth or up to three teeth in a row. For individuals seeking removable prosthetics, from one missing tooth to a full set of teeth, we may suggest complete or partial dentures.